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We believe that a Tacoma DUI charge should not define who you are or control your future. This may be the first time that you have had to hire a criminal defense attorney, and we understand that you may be scared and troubled by the prospect of going to jail or having a DUI on your record.

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Domestic Violence

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime of Domestic Violence in Pierce County or King County the consequences can be very serious. Even, misdemeanor DV charges can result in jail of up to 364 days and fines of up to $5000.

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Drug Crimes

Accusations of Washington State drug crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts. A conviction for a Washington State drug crime will have serious long-term consequences including, but not limited to potential jail time and significant fines.

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Property Crimes

Property crimes are considered acts of dishonesty, which brings with unique and expansive consequences, including denial professional licenses, employment opportunities and immigration/deportation issues. Juveniles and students charged with property crimes may face academic consequences that are far reaching.

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DWI / DUI Tacoma

Tacoma has some of the toughest laws for DUI offenders. In Washington, you can be charged with Driving Under the Influence if you blow over the limit of .08, if you have marijuana or other drugs (including legal prescriptions) in your system, if you refuse a breath test, or even if your driving is considered impaired. The Tacoma DUI criminal process can be complicated and it is important to have an experienced attorney representing you.

Angela Horwath is an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer who routinely helps drivers
facing all types of Tacoma DUIs including:

  • Alcohol DUI
  • Prescription drug DUI
  • Marijuana DUI
  • Refusal DUI
  • Washington Military DUI
  • Under 21 DUI (and Minor in Possession - MIP).
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Washington License Suspension

Both a DUI arrest and a DUI conviction can trigger a license suspension in Washington. This means that you could lose your license even if you have not yet been found guilty of the crime. Once a Tacoma DUI arrest occurs, the Department of Licensing is notified and the process to initiate a license suspension begins. In cases where there was a breath test or a refusal to take a breath test, you must request a hearing with the DMV within 20 days. If a request is not made within that time frame, the license suspension will be automatic. It is crucial to hire an attorney immediately after arrest so that your rights can be protected. An experienced Tacoma DUI attorney can represent you in your hearing with the Department of Licensing and present legal arguments to prevent your license from being suspended.  The license suspension for DUI can range from 90 days to several years, depending on the level of alcohol/drugs and prior criminal history.

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Criminal Penalties

DUI is a gross misdemeanor in Tacoma and has a maximum sentence of a year in jail. The crime of Driving Under the Influence also has mandatory penalties that the judge must impose if you are convicted. Depending on the level of impairment and criminal history, the mandatory penalties include jail time, electronic home monitoring, drug or alcohol treatment, license suspension, ignition interlock, and fines. Additional penalties could include probation, community service, work crew or restitution.


A qualified Tacoma DUI lawyer can successfully negotiate the reduction or dismissal of a driving under the influence charge. Possible reductions include reckless driving or negligent driving, which do not have mandatory jail time or ignition interlock requirements. An experienced Tacoma DWI attorney can also research and identify potential legal issues that could result in a complete dismissal of the charge.

Ignition Interlock

If you are convicted of a Tacoma DUI charge you will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed and maintained on your vehicle for at least one year. Depending on criminal history, the requirement could be for up to ten years or more. A DUI defense attorney can successfully negotiate a reduction of the charge so that the requirement can be avoided.

Alcohol/Drug Treatment

If you are convicted of an alcohol related driving offense, the court will require that you obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and follow through with any recommended treatment. An attorney can guide you through this process to ensure that you complete the requirements imposed by the court.
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