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DUI Attorney Tacoma, WA

If you or someone close to you has been stopped for a DUI it is imperative that you contact an experienced DWI / DUI attorney right away. At the initial free consultation Ms. Horwath will walk you through the DUI time-line so that you will not miss any deadlines and unnecessarily waive your rights. At the time of the arrest two separate cases begin against you: the criminal case and the Department of Licensing Administrative Case.

Pierce County DUI Lawyer Angela Horwath will represent you through all phases of your DUI defense. This includes fighting for your driving privileges through a hearing with the DOL as well as all criminal court hearings.

DUI attorney TacomaThe Tacoma DUI Criminal Process

The legal defense of your criminal case can include the following hearings:

Every DUI case can be defended. Sometimes BAC breath tests are unreliable. An experienced and proven negotiator in your corner makes all of the difference. At Horwath Law our client’s needs and goals are always first. We will work hard to get the best possible outcome to your DUI case; we even maintain 24-hour accessibility to an attorney for criminal matters.

The Tacoma DUI / DWI Administrative Process

Begins with Ms. Horwath requesting a Washington Department of Licensing hearing. Prior to the hearing Ms. Horwath will scrutinize every aspect of the police report. Unlike many DUI attorney’s who tend to leave their client’s out of the investigation and defense process, Ms. Horwath asks her clients to provide a thorough account of the incident and their medical history.

The DOL hearing is ultimately handled via telephone and can include written motions, live testimony of her client or witnesses, cross-examination of the officer, and oral argument.


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