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What Clients Have to Say

If you have been charged with a DUI, there is only one attorney to call.  Her name is Angela Horwath - Horwath Law.  I found myself in this unfortunate situation and called her.  From the beginning, she told me it would be ok.  She was right!  She focased on the legal aspect of my case and wrote an 11 page motion to dismiss the charges.  Because of her efforts and smarts, my charge was drastically reduced to Negligent Driving and instead of losing my driver's license for at least a year, I received a 90 day suspension.  I could not be more thrilled with the results!
One other thing I noticed about Ms. Horwath is the respect she has in the courtroom by the prosecutors, the court personell and even the judge!  It is very clear that she is highly thought of by the right people.  She is considered knowledgable and trustworthy by her peers and you can tell that by watching her interact with them.
I owe Ms. Horwath alot for the help and reassurance she gave me during a tough situation.  
-S.N. Tacoma

Angela was very professional and did exactly what she said she would do. I had many questions about particulars and she answered all questions and helped out in many ways.
-Thank you, T.N. Bonney Lake

Angela was an excellent attorney and took care of my case professionally and courteously. She was able to answer all my questions in laymen's terms so I wasn't confused by the "law lingo" and was ever present for anything that came up. She kept me well informed through the duration of the case at hand, and was easily accessible. I think that is definitely one of my favorite things about Angela is that she was always prompt on her replies and was always available whenever I needed answers.
-Thanks again!, L.L. Tacoma, WA

Angela Horwath is a very sharp professional lawyer that defended me in my DUI case. It was right before christmas and I have to find a very good lawyer that would defend me. There was not enough time to ask my connections of who would be the best to represent and defend me. Also, I would like to be very discreet about this because it could damage my career. I had to research online and I saw a lot of favorable comments about her compared to everyone I was comparing with that specialize in DUI. It was amazing after I made my call to her. It was the holidays and she took the time to accept my case and found time to prepare me for my initial hearing on that first day after christmas. We had communicated by phone and email because of being the holidays and the time we had before the initial hearing. When I met her in person there was no big talk but a quick and clear explanation of the process and upon agreement she took it from there. I was able to work and go to this entire case without complication because she was very clear and to the point. We had won the case because she did all the right things and I gave her my full cooperation. If this helps you make a decision of choosing her then I would write more comments like this.
-Client in Fife, WA

Angela was ALWAYS on top of things in the courtroom. Her performance is stellar. I'd recommend her to anyone, and do.
-DUI Client

All my questions were answered very promptly. If you need legal help, Angela is the person to choose.
-Aaron, DUI client

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